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I tell you why the Viceroy Hotel Bali is so perfect for your Honeymoon

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Ehhh Honeymonn?! Did Frollein Julia marry and didn’t tell us? No, we didn’t marry but we’re engaged for already one year. In 2015 we will marry after 11 years of relationship, awesome how fast time goes by…
Because of the fact, that we will have our own honeymoon next summer, we already need to practise that a little bit and find out what it’s important for a perfect honeymoon. A good wedding needs a good preparation, right :-)?


Before we had our great stay at the Viceroy Hotel in Ubud, which is by the way one of the best honeymoon hotels in Bali, I asked myself, what differs a honeymoon from an ordinary couple vacation? Now I found out and decided that our honeymoon should be just the same as these wonderful two days!!! And how this looked like, you can see and read below.


We had a Deluxe Terrace Villa with our own infinity pool, terrace and a balé. This balinese balé is soooo comfortable and makes you wanna read all day long or watching the beautiful scenery of Ubuds valley. That view is breathtaking and you’ll get a good impression of what Bali really IS.
You can enjoy your private sunbath on the two sunloungers.

In the villa/room itself, the huuuge bed was my personal highlight, because I was sleeping like a baby in it. This is actually something that happens very seldom here in Bali. Sometimes it’s too warm, the aricon too cold or too loud, brawly animals outside (you have no idea what happens at night here in Bali) or even undesirable animals INSIDE your room…. But all this did not happen in our Villa at the Viceroy, so we had a calm and comfortable night. The bed is 2,20m wide and has two different mattress toppers, I love that!

The first thing Markus did in our villa was to test the iphone docking station and he was absolutely satisfied with sound and power of that music station.

Meanwhile I had a closer look at our bathroom. A big bathtub was the eye-catcher in the middle of the room. In the left corner you’ll find the spacious rain shower and in the right corner the toilet. Of course you have all toiletries, amenities you need and even two wash-bowls.

The living and sleeping area are together in one big room. A comfortable sofa, the minibar, an espresso machine and a 47″ flatscreen invite you to relax if it’s raining outside, which is likely to happen in green Ubud.

Eat & Drink

We are foodies! We love good food, have no problem to spent more money for that and are quite good cookers. That’s why we started our stay at the Viceroy Bali with a lunch in their Cascades Restaurant. This lies directly next to the main pool under a thatched ceiling with a stunning view in the green valley.
As a first course we had a fabulous beef tatar, the main course was a perfectly grilled fish and finally, dessert fits always, we had créme brulée – yummy! It was so delicious and artfully arranged, just have a look at these pictures.

The CasCades restaurant is awarded and famous in the south east asian area and offers their numerous guests also the opportunity to arrive with a helicopter.

In the CasCades restaurant you also get your à la carte breakfast which we felt in love with. We ordered our personal highlights but I am sure that all the other dishes are just as great. You have to try the citric crépes with strawberries and banana which are topped with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream – these came directly from heaven!
All dishes have something special and are far away from ordinary. The signature omelet for example comes with camembert (hardly seen in asia) and cranberries and the yoghurt gets completed by a mango purée and toasted muesli… And everything so beautiful arranged that you are feared to eat and destroy this kind of art.

The Facilities

The hotel complex seems quite clearly arranged. Around the lobby you’ll find the gym, a library with a conference room and a shop. Then we have the famous infinity pool as the main pool with balés and sun lounges (have a look at the parasol, they are made as solar clocks!). Next to it there is the described CasCades Restaurant and the Lembah SPA. The 25 villas of different categories are lying in a slope facing the beautiful valley.

Wellness & Sports

We were too relaxed for the gym so I can’t give you a detailed report about that.
But we had a veeeery relaxing couple treatment at the Lembah SPA. At first a balinese massage for one hour, afterwards a full body scrub and a yoghurt pack. We had super soft skin, just like a baby. For the ultimative couple-feeling, we chillaxed in a big bathtub decorated with tons of blossoms. All this took about two hours, but with that our wellness experience didn’t end. We went into the steam bath, into a cold bath and last but not least in the jacuzzi of course with a drink in our hands by viewing the valley.


Regarding the service I want to emphasize the excellent staff. Here we noticed once more how extremely friendly, open and interested the balinese people are. Well right, hotel staff should be nice to their guests, but here they did it so naturally and honestly. With Agung we laughed a lot about his jokes, Made taught us more indonesian vocabulary and from Ketut we learned more about the balinese culture. We had so intelligent and funny talks with these kind people – awesome!

Of course they are offering an evening turn down service, with a praline on your pillow and arranged kimonos.

Very useful is the shuttle service to Ubud city. Every day until 10pm the hotel cars bring you to several places in Ubud and pick you up afterwards, no charge of course.

And why is the Viceroy Hotel so perfect for your Honeymoon?

Well it depends on what you expect from your Honeymoon, how much budget you have and what is important for you. Every bridal couple is different. But who is a bit like us, will be sooo happy at the Viceory, I swear!
The calmness there is great. All around the villa you don’t hear or see another person and it feels like you are completely on your own. And this leads me to my first aspect of a perfect honeymoon: togetherness! In theory you can spent your entire vacation in your villa, because the room is spacious, you have a pool and your meals can be delivered 24/7. Even the SPA-treatments can be arranged in your villa. When you want your newly wed sweetheart just for your own, you are totally right here!

The Service is extraordinary so that you don’t have to take care for anything and this is another important aspect of a great honeymoon, just lean back and relax.

Another important point is the area. Ubud and Bali are so awesome and want to be discovered. Ubud is the perfect place to visit many sights of Bali. The air is fresher, the landscape more beautiful and the people more balinese. So definitely a MUST SEE for travelers!

That the Viceroy Bali was awarded as the best luxury Honeymoon hotel of asia should underline my experience :-).

In cooperation with Viceroy Bali.

This post is also available in German

Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.


  1. Sonja

    2014/06/09 at 13:09

    Das lädt zum Träumen ein… Bali steht gleich als nächstes auf unserer Liste. Wir sind gerade in Thailand. Von hier ist es nicht so weit wie aus Deutschland, das müssen wir ausnutzen, solange wir noch hier sind. Vielleicht gönnen wir uns dann auch das Viceroy.

    Liebe Grüße von einer fleißigen Leserin

  2. Laura

    2014/06/13 at 19:46

    Wow, ich bin wirklich neidisch. Die Bilder sind einfach so schön. Bali ist aufjeden Fall eine Reise wert. Ihr habt es echt gut 😉 genießt die Zeit

    Viele viele Grüße
    Laura von http://lila-lodge.blogspot.de/

  3. Julia

    2014/06/15 at 12:13

    Hallo liebe Sonja,

    ja ihr müsst unbedingt nach Bali kommen! Die Insel ist so ganz anders als Thailand und ihr werdet euch garantiert verlieben :)
    Mit dem Viceroy tut ihr euch richtig was Gutes und die Umgebung von Ubud mit den grünen Reisterrassen ist einfach hinreißend!

    Ich wünsche euch ganz ganz viel Spaß :)

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