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Our Travel Video & Five Travel Tips for Macau

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During our first stay close to China, we collected some learnings about this very special part of Asia. These experiences and also further travel tips for Macau I like to share with you here in this article. As a little highlight we also produced a video about our stay in Macau.

1. Macau is comfortable
Macau is such a modern city: You will find free WIFI in many public places, restaurants and hotels. And there is no need to become thirsty, because you can drink tap water without any health risk.
Another big plus: If you did not find time to make some researches regarding sight seeing, the Macau App is your rescue. You can use the App as your personal city guide. It shows you specific routes with all the important sights, gives information and leads you to the next free WIFI spots around.
You want to go shopping? Great, you are in paradise! Macau offers so so many designer stores, but also shops with cheaper brands.
We found out that small, local stores open doors at around 12.30pm.

macau travel

2. There are thousands of Chinese and Hongkonese tourists
Okay, I knew that there are many many Chinese people in this world, but in Macau (during high season) I felt like meeting each and every single of them. On weekends there are mostly people from Hong Kong traveling to Macau, but there are also many many mainland Chinese people exploring the city. A western or european tourist is quite exotic. This is why we had some language issues during our stay, which brings me to the next point.

3. You better learn Cantonese 😉 !
During five days and around 20 taxi rides we did not meet one single taxi driver who understands or even speaks English. So this is my advice for you: Ask your hotels receptionist to write your hotels name in Cantonese letters on a card that you can show your taxe driver.
The hotel staff in the big hotels speaks proper English, but communication with all other people around will be very hard, because only few people understand and speak English.

macau tower by night

4. Taxi? Nope!
During weekend in high season it is almost impossible to get a taxi. The waiting line in front of the hotels (for shuttle busses and taxi) are soooo long. And it was very interesting to see, that the taxi drivers are very picky with their guests. If they don’t like your destination they won’t transport you.
This is because of the cheap taxi ride prices and the huge amount of people that actually need a taxi.
My tip: On weekends, you better organize your trips with the local busses. When you are waiting at the bus station, you have to wave to the driving bus, otherwise it will not stop for you.

5. Bling Bling everywhere
When you are a fan of watches and gold jewelry you will love Macau! I have never ever seen so many stores that sell watches, gold and jewelry… The price for gold is very fair in Macau.

macau sightseeing leuchtturm

In cooperation with Macau tourist office.

This post is also available in German

Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.

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