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Snorkeling in Bali? It’s possible!

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When you visit Bali, you get to know the rough cliffs, the high waves and the heavy stream along the beaches. The indian ocean doesn’t show mercy at all and comes with all its power to Balis coasts. Because of this, Bali is famous as a surfers paradise!


According to this conditions you don’t find too many snorkel spots around Bali. We already experienced the reefs at the Gili Islands and found them quite good, BUT the Gilis belong to Lombok and not to Bali.
Last week we finally discovered beautiful reefs and best snorkeling conditions in Bali, yehaa!

Where did we found it? At the small island Menjangan in the north west of Bali. From Canggu it took us around 4 hours by car. We organized a driver, because this way would have been too long for a motorbike. On our way, we made stops at the Git Git Waterfall and at the buddhistic temple Brahma Vihara.

The Village Permutaran is the place to start when you want to snorkel on Menjangan, because on the island itself are no accommodations. Only one hindu temple and a few monks.
In Permutaran we stayed one night in the Taruna Homestay and it was great! These balinese people/family who run this business were so friendly and helpful. Go there, I can really recommend it!


Take a boat from Permutaran harbor and it will bring you to Menjangan in about 20 minutes. The first reef is at the “main beach” and first it didn’t appear very spectacular. But when you put your head under water you see stunning things! Beautiful corals, dozens of colorful fishes and a wall underneath the water which runs into the deep. Wow, we never saw something like this in our snorkeling trips before! This coral-stone wall and the blue-black deep underneath…


Another spot is the coral garden at the jetty, a bit around the island. Nice corals in pink-violett.

This snorkeling trip here in Bali was great and I can really recommend it to Bali travelers who love snoring, just like we do.


We didn’t have our good camera with us so I can only show you some impressions of the island and the blue waters made with my iphone5S.

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Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.

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  1. Äni

    2014/08/01 at 07:43

    Ooooh wie cool! Ich lieeeeebe Schnorcheln. Danke für den Post, gut zu wissen :)

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