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Three hints for visiting Balis most hyped Bar – The Rock Bar

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Yes, we finally did it and visited Balis most hyped bar, the Rock Bar! There are so many popular bars and restaurants in Bali, but The Rock Bar became a tourist attraction. It belongs to the Ayana Resort, is located at the southern tip of Jimbaran and offers an awesome view over the indian ocean. It is named Rock Bar, because it’s lying in the cliffs and has many rocks around.

So if you have planned a trip to the Rock Bar, just read my three hot tips below.


1. The Rock Bar is crowded during sunset!

It is not possible to make a reservation. You have to be a group of at least 20 people, then they arrange a private area for you.
We were told to arrive at 4pm to get a table for the sunset spectacle. A few minutes past 5pm every table was occupied and the queue of waiting people became longer.
So if you want to enjoy the sunset (around 6.15pm), arrive early to get a table!


2. It’s getting hot in here!

When you arrive in the afternoon you will be welcomed by a killing heat. There are no sunshades or shadow places in this bar. The waiter offers you an umbrella, but this is not so comfortable for relaxing at your table.
Normally I would recommend to wear as less as possible, but there is a dress code you have to stick to. No board shorts, no singlets – come in a smart-casual look!


3. German prizes!

Usually I am not shocked by high prizes in bars and restaurants because I live in Hamburg for years. Here in Bali you get used to cheap prizes so fast, because you get a big meal for around 2EUR.
An ordinary cocktail at the Rock Bar costs around 11EUR and this is a lot for Bali!
From 9pm to 11pm is happy hour, where you get two drinks for paying one.


All in all our visit at the Rock Bar was great, because the atmosphere an scenery are stunning! The blue indian ocean with its waves coming to the cliffs and the beautiful sunset…

We didn’t have our camera with us so I made these pictures with my iphone.


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Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.


  1. Saskia

    2014/07/24 at 11:34

    Sehr schön Bilder und die Tipps werden wir sicher im Urlaub beherzigen! Wir hatten das gleiche Phänomen in Rick’s Bar auf Jamaica – brechend voll und sehr teuer. Aber allein schon wegen des Cliff Divings hat es sich gelohnt.

  2. Jenni

    2014/07/24 at 21:44

    Die Bilder sind sooo wunderschööön <33
    @Saskia: haha ja rick's bar ist echt immer überfüllt, aber, wie du schon sagst, es lohnt sich allemal (habe dort einen der schönsten sonnenuntergänge gesehen!!).

  3. Bine

    2014/07/26 at 00:54

    Wahnsinns-schöne Bilder!! Möchte ich unbefingt auch mal sehen bzw. in genau dieser Bar sein!! :-)

  4. Julia

    2014/07/30 at 04:06

    Hallo ihr Lieben,

    @Bine: na dann ab in den Flieger und rein in die Rock Bar, ich komme nochmal mit :)

    @Jenni & Saskia: Sehr lustig, dass sich Leser hier treffen, die in der selben Bar auch Jamaica (!) gesessen haben 😀
    Wenn wir nach Jamaica reisen, werde ich euren Bar-Tipp auf jeden Fall beherzigen!!!!


  5. Sassi

    2014/10/07 at 10:15

    Die Bilder sind der Wahnsinn. Vorallem die “im Sonnenuntergang tanzen-Bilder” ♥
    Darf ich fragen woher du das “Überwurfteil” (ist das ein Kimono?!) hast? Das sieht so toll aus.
    Alles liebe

  6. bernd

    2014/10/08 at 23:56

    Das sind super schöne Fotos bin totalbegeistert fliege am 14.10 nach bali werde im ayana resort wohnen und freu mich risig auf die Rock Bar bin sehr gespannt auf bali bis bal mal

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