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My Personal Langkawi Travel Guide

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cenang-beach-langkawi-swim We started our long-term Asia trip with one week of holidays on the famous malay island Langkawi. I’d like to show you our experiences in more detail and give you some valuable tips on what to do on Langkawi. Furthermore we recorded a video during our stay, so sit back and enjoy. First thing to start with: definitely rent a scooter or a motorbike to be able to explore the island on your own. The streets are in pretty good condition compared to other asian destinations and there is not too much traffic. Even as a beginner you should be able to easily drive around the island.

Langkawis West

Our great hotel The Danna Langkawi is situated in the western part of the island. Thus it is pretty close to the seven wells waterfalls and the infamous cable car. You should definitely plan a trip to the Seven Wells Waterfalls because the way through the jungle itself is worth it. You’ll have to climb many stairs in the heat, but a little exercise didn’t kill anyone yet. During the dry season the waterfalls as well as the pools are almost dried up. From up there you have a stunning view down the jungle to the sea. And if you are lucky you can watch the cute dusky leaf monkeys who live there. These little fellas are a bit shy, but from time to time they come around to snack some leafs. Giving the nearby cable car a ride is also worth your time. You just shouldn’t be scared by the height. Also you can see the famous bridge that is well known from all the Langkawi postcards. Unfortunately it has been closed for maintenance for two years now.

Langkawis North

Our favourite beach is located in the northern part of the island and is called Pasir Tengkorak Beach. It is a small bay with crystal clear turquoise water which you can hardly find anywhere else around the island. But beware of the macaques – they love to have a look into the tourists bags and steal a few things. I can also recommend the beach of the Four Seasons Hotel. Unfortunately it is a private beach which cannot be accessed by walk in guests.

The nearby Tanjung Ruh Beach looks similar but the water is a bit unclear and there is no shadow around. In the north you can also find mangroves where boat tours are offered. Before going there we absolutely wanted to do such a tour, but arriving there we weren’t that pleased by it, so we just had a quick look for ourselves. A friend of mine later told me, that such a tour isn’t the biggest highlight.

The most beautiful waterfall during dry season may be the Durian Perangin, because it still has plenty of water to take a refreshing bath with some local kids. Great fun!


Langkawis South

The capital of Langkawi Kuah Town is not really a must see. We drove through the city once but didn’t find it that charming. To the south of the airport lies the longest beach of langkawi: Pantai Cenang. We spent a couple of days at the northern edge of this beach in the Meritus Pelangi Resort. You can find several spots with clear water at this part of the beach. The main street of Pantai Cenang is very touristy with western and international restaurants and pretty high prices. We personally prefer local asian food which you can hardly find at this part of the island.


Langkawi is quite nice, but not my favorite island of Malaysia. I like the smaller islands in the eastern part of Malaysia much better. If you like to spent your holidays in a luxury resort you will have a good time there. But if you want to explore, drive around and experience some local culture, Langkawi doesn’t have so much to offer. We were there in february, which means dry season and perfect weather with sun non-stop and temperatures around 34°C. Make sure you have a look at my hotel experience at the Danna Langkawi and my impressions from the Waterfalls.


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Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.


  1. Martin

    2014/03/22 at 10:57

    Ich kann voll und ganz verstehen, warum das euer Lieblingsstrand ist!!! Weißer, endloser Sand..hach watt is dat schön :) Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass man die Insel am besten auf einem Roller erkunden kann…durch die Größe bedingt ist das Straßennetz bestimmt nicht so groß ausgebaut wie bei uns in Deutschland! Na ich würde sagen ein traumhaft schönes Video und ein perfekter Miniauswanderungsstart :) Freu mich auf euch!! xx Maddin

  2. Nadja

    2014/03/24 at 09:12

    Ui, sehr schöner Travelguide! Ich werde Ende des Jahres wahrscheinlich nach Langkawi reisen! Da kann ich die Tipps gut gebrauchen:) Ich werde übrigens im Mai auch auf Bali sein! 😀 Also schön noch Posts darüber schreiben;)
    Liebe Grüße aus Australien,

  3. Julia

    2014/03/24 at 12:19

    Oh das freut mich, danke!!!!
    Ihr werdet hier nach und nach mit Bali versorgt 😉

  4. Natalie

    2014/04/24 at 11:15

    Wir haben eine 4-Wöchige Malaysia Rundreise gemacht – Langkawi war unsere persönliche Enttäuschung. Dreckig, stinkend, charmlos und überall Bauruinen – gerade am Pantai Cenang. Und dann ein Touri-restaurant neben dem nächsten.

    Wenn man keine großen Ansprüche hat, dann kann man Langkawi machen. Ich bin aber durch jahrelanges Reisen doch recht verwöhnt und da war Langkawi eine einzige Enttäuschung. Lieber weiter nach Thailand. 1,5 Stunden mit dem Boot von Langkawi aus liegt Koh Lipe – und da ist es dann auch wirklich schön!

  5. at

    2015/01/29 at 11:32

    Die Langkawi Skybridge öffnet nach umfassenden Sanierungsarbeiten übrigens wieder nächsten Monat.

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