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Our personal Hong Kong Travel Diary

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hong kong travel tips

Finally I can show you some impressions from our trip to Hong Kong. After five days in Macau, we took a ferry and went to Hong Kong, which took us only one hour.
This huge “city” is spread across several islands and located directly in front of china. Still until die 90s it was a colony from the British Empire, but now it is a Special Administrative Region of China. Like the Macau inhabitants, Hong Kong people don’t have that much in common with mainland Chinese, because they have their own culture and language (cantonese).
We explored Hong Kong for about four days and here I want to give you some travel ideas and tips for your next Hong Kong trip!

hong kong horse race

Horse Racing

We heard that horse racing is a really famous sport in Hong Kong and that is absolutely true! On a wednesday evening there were thousands of people joining this event, meeting friends and (of course) betting on horses.
We also took chances and bet. And what can I say? My very first bet in my life was a win!!! I just thought that the horse with the pink “hat” should win and so it happened – I still can’t believe it! I won exactly 300 Hong Kong Dollar (30EUR) and was quite proud of lucky me 😉 .

hong kong peak tram view

Tourist Stuff

Taking the ancient Tram up to the Victorias Speak is an absolute must! You have a great view over Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. This is the moment when we realized that Kong Kong consists a hundred percent of skyscrapers – entirely! We have never seen something like this before and you can not compare this city with other asian metropolises like Singapur, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok. It is unique and very special.

hong kong island

Strolling along the Walk of the Stars, which is the promenade on Kownloon, you have a nice view over the skyline along the Victoria Harbour. But beside Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee we did not recognize any of the famous Chinese People :-) .

hong kong victoria harbour

Actually we planned to take the cable car up to the famous big sitting Buddha, but we came too late. There were hundreds of tourists waiting in line and this was too much for us and wasting our precious time. So make sure you come early and on a sunny day! We were there on a rainy and cloudy day, so the view might have been bad anyway.

ozone bar hong kong

Sipping Cocktails in the highest Bar in the World

I will never ever forget this awesome night in the Ozone Bar, which is the highest bar in the entire world! The Ozone Bar is on top of the Ritz Carlton Hotel on the 118th floor. The bar is famous for its amazing views over Hong Kong and its fabulous drinks. Unfortunately we were literally sitting in the clouds, because the weather was very bad. But I can say that I had drinks directly in the clouds – not bad, right :)?!

ozone bar hong kong cocktails

The interior is super chic and stylish. But our personal highlight were the signature cocktails! These drinks are individual creations from a famous chef. She went from cooking to creating cocktails and this is exactly what you will taste. Her know-how about tastes, special ingredients and flavors results in absolutely awesome cocktails. We never experienced such perfect drinks. So make sure you visit the Ozone Bar and try some of these extraordinary cocktails!

hong kong peninsula high tea

High Tea at the Peninsula Hotel

The Peninsula Hotel is the oldest luxury hotel in Hong Kong and famous from its part in the James Bond Film The Man with the Golden Gun and its Rolls-Royce car armada.
To get a little bit of that “Peninsula feeling” we decided to try out the famous High Tea procedure. So we were waiting in line for like 40 minutes to get a table. The High Tea takes place every day in the hotel lobby and is a tourist magnet. For 30EUR you can choose from a tea selection and get a variety of snacks, like macarons, muffins and sandwiches.
All this was tasty and fine, but if you have several High Tea experiences, you are not that impressed from the Peninsula High Tea! For example the High Tea arrangement at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bali was far better, more exclusive and more delicious. Another problem ist the “feeling”. The High Tea at the Pensinsula was a busy happening and very touristy (one guest leaves, another comes and so on and on and on). I like my tea time more calm and with more charm.

high tea the peninsula hotel

Party area

On a friday night we went out for partying. At Lan Kwai Fong you will find a street network with bars, clubs and restaurants. And there is so much going on! On the streets and inside the bars so many party people are hanging around, dancing and chatting. Most of them are expats (british guys) and tourists, not too many Cantonese people.

hong kong night skyline

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Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.

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