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Oh Macau, you are so yummy!

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Being on vacation not only means sun and exploring, but also gormandize the local cuisine. And this is what we did during our stay in Macau. We managed to eat food from all over the world and it was quite amazing.
Here I want to share some of our food experiences and tips regarding gormandizing in Macau with you.

macau food festival 2014

The Macau Food Festival

Once a year in autumn, the Macau Food Festival takes place in front of the Macau Tower and is a real highlight for tourists and inhabitants. On a big market place you will find a huge offer of food from all over the world, which are freshly made. Besides some Chinese curiosities, like chicken feet, we experienced a lot of yummy dishes. I really recommend the Indian cuisine or the BBQ prawns.
You should not be anxious of people, because there are hundreds of them ;-). It is very crowded.
And a small hint: You can not pay with cash money at the single stores. You need to buy vouchers first and „pay“ with them afterwards.

macau food festival

macau portuguese food

Local Cuisine

Well, it is hard to claim which is the real Macanese cuisine. There are Portuguese, Chinese and even Macanese restaurants and dishes, that all have a cultural and historical background.
Especially around the old town you will find many Portuguese restaurants and cafés. We had dinner at a traditional Portuguese restaurant named Boa Mesa near the senators square.
And of course there are dozens of Chinese restaurants as well. Lucky us, we had the chance to experience a course menu in a Chinese two starred Michelin restaurant (Zi Yat Heen at Four Seasons Hotel).
The Macanese kitchen is a fusion of Portuguese dishes with a Chinese influence. I really liked the coconut cake!

macau soho food court

Further Tips

Soho Food Court

When you are around the Cotai Strip you will get to know City of Dreams. In this place there is an unique deluxe Food Court concept: Soho! Here you will find many restaurants on one floor and I like to recommend two of them.

macau shelter restaurant

The Italian Restaurant Shelter
A little bit of Italy close to China… An Italian chef and an Italian restaurant manager are taking care for the perfect Italy experience in Macau. What I absolutely adored is the sustainable and organic origin of all dishes and wines. My favorite was the tenderloin carpaccio. For the veggies: You have to try the eggplant raviolis, OMG!

macau el pinball restaurant

The Mexican Restaurant El Pinball
And here we have an absolute insider tip! The small, Mexican restaurant El Pinball at the Soho Food Court made our day. The BBQ ribs are not from this planet – sooo delicious! And you have to try the Quesadillas, they are made with truffles.

Buffet at MGM Grand Hotel
The top hotel MGM Grand with its Rossio restaurant offers a very good buffet lunch or dinner. Our lunch at Rossio was super good! Fresh sushi, sashimi, lamb, duck, antipasti, asian dishes and a great dessert selection are waiting for you.

There are so so many restaurants and food tips we could not experience, but even our stomachs capacity is limited 😉 . So this is my final advice: Make sure you take enough time and travel budget to enjoy the huge and delicious variety of food in Macau! It’s absolutely worth it!

n cooperation with Macau tourist office.

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