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Macau Travel Diary Day 5: Sky High, Pandas & Fine Dining

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Today was already our last day here in Macau and of course we treated ourselves accordingly.

macau tower bungee jumping

In the morning we went to the Macau Tower to get a look from high above over the entire city. This huge tower is 338 meters high. Up above, you can walk around the observation deck, have lunch or dinner at the restaurant or experience “a little” adventure, like the highest bungee jump in the world. Walking over the glass bottom was adventurous enough for us, though. 😉

macau tower observation deck

After lunch we visited the Panda Pavillon on the other side of Macau. We never saw a Panda bear in real life before, so we were quite excited about these cute and lazy buddies. Normally there are two Pandas, but we saw only one: Xin Xin. He was very adorable, even if he was just sleeping all the time.

For dinner we dressed up a little bit, because we enjoyed a luxurious dinner at the Chinese restaurant Zi Yat Heen at the Four Seasons Hotel, which kept its 2 Michelin stars for 5 years in a row now. We got to know the Chinese cuisine in a totally different and exclusive way. But I will tell you more about that later.

macau fine dining macau four seasons

Sparkling highlight and our end of the day was the lake performance show of the Wynn hotel. We already knew this kind of fountains from the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas and actually it was quite similar, but much smaller. Music, hot fire, lights and dancing water.

macau wynn performance lake

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  1. Ani

    2014/11/26 at 16:34

    Die Springbrunnenshow erinnert ja ein klein wenig an Las Vegas … :)

  2. Ines & Alia

    2014/11/28 at 07:17

    Der Panda ist so zuckersüß, bring’ ihn mir bitte mit!

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