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Macau Travel Diary Day 4: Chinese Culture & Gormandizing

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Well, it seems like we traveled to Macau only to enjoy all this great food… But a 14hours flight would be a little too tight for this, I guess, even if Macau is a real foodies paradise.

macau  Lou Lim Ieoc Garden

That’s why we experienced some culture again. Today we got to know the chinese influence on Macau, which was very interesting and also very important, because for 15 years Macau is a special administrative region of China and not a part of Portugal anymore. Ancient temples (like the A-Ma temple) and beautiful tea gardens (Lou Lim Ieoc Garden) are places like I only saw them in films before.

macau ama temple

macau mgm gradn rossio lunch

We had an amazing buffet lunch at the Rossio Restaurant in the MGM Grand Hotel with Sushi/Sashimi, lamb, prawns, duck, lobster and brilliant desserts.

macau coloane village

After lunch we took a bus to the islands Taipa and Coloane, which belong to Macau as well. Coloane Village is a very quiet little village directly at the shore of the pearl river. That was quite a relaxing time in comparison to the tourist excitement in town.

macau venetian shopping centre

Before dinner, we walked through the shopping centre of the Venetian Hotel, the Four Season Hotel and City of Dreams and were impressed about that huuuuge amount of designer labels and other shops. Shop until you drop is the motto!

macau soho prime food court

At Soho, the prime Food Court in City of Dreams, we enjoyed dinner at the Shelter Restaurant (italian) and the El Pinball Restaurant (mexican). Oh my god, this was so so so tasty!

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