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Macau Travel Diary Day 1: Chinese Food, sparkling Casinos & Cocktails

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Wohoo, finally we made it to Macau and already enjoyed our first (half) day in this exciting city.
For my german folks, the weather here is just great: 25degrees, sun is shining and 67% humidity – awesome!

After a short regeneration time in the afternoon, we were heading to the famous Macau nightlife. But today only in a kind of “light version”, because for tomorrow night we have bigger plans.

macau travel tips

Our first stop was the glamorous Hotel The Grand Lisboa where we had a delicious chinese dinner. And this was the very first time we were struggling with chopsticks ;-D why exactly this happened, I am going to tell you later. But a first, very important issue: The dumplings are awesome, yummy!

macau chinese food

After that we went to the AIA tower which is near by. We wanted to see the famous Sky21 Bar and try out some cocktails to celebrate this trip. The panorama view over Macau from this rooftop bar is great and gave us a super impression of what we will probably see and discover the next days.
Macau, we are ready :)!

macau sky21 bar cocktails

macau tower by night
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  1. Charlotte

    2014/11/22 at 23:55

    Ich wünsche dir ganz wunderbare Tage in Macau und bin schon sehr gespannt auf die neuen Posts :))

    Liebst, Charlotte von Come as Carrot

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