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The 25 best Instagram Pictures from our Time in Asia

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When I think of great pictures from our six months in asia, Instagram pics MUST be included, beside the Nikon photos. In so many situations you make a fast snap with your mobile phone and keep a special moment. Sometimes THAT moment would be over when you have finally arranged your big camera…
My Instagram profile is like my little time machine. All that beautiful moments and memories are kept in one photo stream in a chronological order – awesome! I love to scroll around my own pics and enjoy the moments another time.


Here it was absolutely impossible to decide for only 10 great pictures so it became 25…


The 25 best Instagram Pictures from our Time in Asia:

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Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.


  1. Charlotte

    2014/09/15 at 02:00

    Ich bin einfach total beeindruckt von dem riesen Schmetterling und ich mag dein Surfbild super gern :)) Das erinnert mich einfach an das Meer, Urlaub und bewirkt irgendwie ein wenig Entspannung. Danke dafür!

    Liebst, Charlotte von Come as Carrot

  2. Sarah

    2014/09/16 at 14:43

    Eines ist schöner als das andere! Ich kann mich beim besten Willen auf keinen Favoriten festlegen. 😉

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