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One Weekend on the Gili Islands

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When you are talking about Bali with other people, 90% of them will ask you if you made a trip to the Gili Islands. We finally did and this is my review!

The Gilis belong to Lombok, the huge island next to Bali and are famous for their white sandy beach and the blue water. There are three Gili Islands: G. Air, G. Meno and G. Trawangan. We decided for G. Air because it’s meant to be more calm than G. Trawangan. Trawangan is the party island with many many bars and beach parties. Gili Meno lies in the middle of the other two islands and is less touristic.


How to get there

There are so many travel agents that offer a transport package to the Gilis from Bali. Normally they pick you up at your hotel and bring you to a harbor. Our van drove to Padang Bai, where we took our boat. This boat trip was only 1,5hours, so it’s much faster than taking the boat from Saur.

We stayed at the Manta Dive Resort which I can recommend! We payed only 35EUR per night for a nice room and breakfast.


Island Activities

You have a beautiful beach with beautiful water, so you have to snorkel at the beachfront or book a snorkel/diving trip by boat. You can rent a bike to cycle around the island (there are no cars).
The most beautiful beach part for relaxing is directly in front of the Beachclub.

A Must-Do is having a dinner at the beach in one of the several Seafood Restaurants – it’s so fresh and delicious!

PS: I don’t want to frighten you, but don’t drink alcohol on the Gilis. They still have a methanol problem, so better decide for wine or beer!

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Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.


  1. Annette

    2014/06/16 at 11:16

    Ich war früher sehr viel in Asien unterwegs und vor etwa 25 Jahren auf Gili Trawangan. Damals war es eine wirkliche Robinson Insel – keinerlei Hotels, Clubs, etc. Es gab Strohmatten, Gaslampen, abwechselnd Black Rice Pudding oder Fried Bananas zum Frühstück, ansonsten nur frisch gefangenen Fisch und Reis. Es kostete umgerechnet etwa 5DM(!) “all inclusive” pro Tag. Ein unglaubliches Erlebnis!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. Lali

    2014/06/16 at 15:42

    Ein Träumchen. Ihr habt’s gut. :)

  3. Aylin

    2014/07/23 at 03:06

    Gili Air ist wirklich ein Traum. Wir sind dort 10 Tage “hängen” geblieben:

    Mit etwas Glück sieht man sogar Riesenschildkröten beim Schnorcheln. :-)

  4. Julia

    2014/07/23 at 09:13

    Hey Aylin,
    na da schau ich doch gleich mal bei dir rein :)
    Wir haben mittlerweile auch viel Gutes von G. Meno gehört!

    Schildkröten haben wir bei dem Trip leider nicht gesehen :/


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