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Travel Update: Our first 2,5 Months in Aisa

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Even if I am a little bit late with my travel update here it is :). We are living in asia for over two months now and I want to keep you up to date what happened. Here we go!

travelblogger-bali Pantai Seseh

What we did:
1. My highlight of the past six weeks was definitely our trip to Borneo, especially Lankayan island.

2. I improved my Hula Hoop skills! The balinese girls are so into Hula Hooping and so do I. It is so much fun.

3. We moved again. In the first three weeks we had an apartment in Legian, then we moved in a Villa in Kerobokan and now we found our final destination, final villa in Canggu. Well, it is more far away from Seminyak, but it’s calm and peaceful.

4. I was so excited to meet my dear friends Sarah & Chris, they are our guests for one month, yay!

What we loved:
1. We found an almost untouched beach yesterday evening, which is totally non-typical for the western part of Bali around Kuta. We drove to Pantai Seseh and went along the beach to the north. This beach is not good for swimming because of the dangerous breakwater, but it is lovely to have a walk especially from dawn until sunset. Sooo beautiful!

2. The opposite of this idyll is Seminyak. It is very touristic there but still more nice than Legian and Kuta. In the famous Oberoy street you will find one hip restaurant and bar after the other. I swear you cannot decide where to eat! In the evening the stylish bars are beautifully lightening, so go there when it is dark. In the Rumours Restaurant you will get a perfectly made beef tenderloin for only 7EUR. This tastes awesome!
Also for shopping the Oberoy is great.

What we ate:
The restaurants here in Bali are so much cheaper than in Germany, Hamburg. That’s why we often go out for lunch and dinner and experience a lot of restaurants and cafés. Besides this perfect beef tenderloin we also had a great sashimi quality tuna steak at “naughty nuris Warung”, between Kerokoban and Seminyak (order it medium rare, yummy!).

Of course the indonesian kitchen is still one of our favorite with the chicken satay, nasi goreng and so on.

sunset-baliPantai Seseh

What we have learned:
1. Some new words in Bahasa (indonesian) but still far away from talking and understanding.

2. Learned how it feels to be the foreigner. And this in a positive and negative way. We always smile and are friendly to the asians and this is the way we wanted to be treated as well. But sometimes/seldom it happens that we western people are not that famous. Little kids for example actually don’t like me, I had to realize. One was chasing me with its wooden spoon and yelling at me. Sounds funny at first side, but I really want to know why some kids are so much against western people?! While that little girl “threatened” me, her mother was totally freaking out against my boyfriend because of nothing.
We also had so many bad situations when people wanted to cheat us. There are some really mean methods to get some of our money. Yes sure, our german wages are much higher than the indonesian. But that doesn’t mean that people can steal it from us and making us a fool. Only because we are tourists and different? Come on… I can understand that many tourists behave like douchebags, but the locals shouldn’t put all the western people together, because we are definitely not such ignorant and arrogant guys.

On the other side, the balinese people (especially in the countryside where is much less tourism) are extraordinary friendly, open minded and just kind. They greet you and smile at you, just like we do. This is fun!

pantai-seseh-baliPantai Seseh

About the super bad internet connection and the tried cheats against us…

Nothing, I am so happy here :).

This post is also available in German

Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.


  1. Martin

    2014/05/12 at 22:03 das hätte ich von dem Völkchen aber nicht gedacht..eigentlich werden die Menschen immer als herzlich und offen beschrieben…bin gespannt was für Eindrücke ich sammeln werde!!

  2. Julia

    2014/05/13 at 03:36

    @Martin: das sind auch herzliche Menschen hier! Es gibt aber hier und da Ausnahmen.
    Freuen uns auf dich!

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