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Dubai in One Day

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It’s already over 1 year ago since we have visited Dubai, but I recently found these pictures and thought I should share them with you. We had only one day in Dubai, but we managed to see most of the sights. Unfortunately there was a huge sandstorm which muffled Dubai and us with yellow, fine desert sand – not nice!


The Dubai Creek and the Old Town

First we took a ferry to drive along the Dubai Creek and had a walk through the Old Town, which is really impressive with its traditional market places.


The Burj Al Arab Hotel and the Beach

Then we took a cab to the famous hotel Burj Al Arab and had a walk at the beach. There was white sand, beautiful blue sea BUT red jelly fishes!!!


Burj Khalifa and Shopping Malls

A real highlight is of course the Burj Khalifa – it was amazing to stand in front of this huuuuge building! Next to it you can shop till you drop in the Dubai Mall.

Well, I actually did not fell in love with Dubai, but for our next trip to this place I would like to stay for about one week in a highclass hotel with trips to Abu Dabhi (the white mosque) and into the desert. Tipps and advice are welcome ;)!


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Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.



    2013/11/17 at 14:35

    Dubai is my dream. I hope- one day will come true ! 😉

  2. Uli

    2013/11/18 at 14:50

    Wir fliegen auch bald nach Dubai und wenn ich das so sehe hoffe ich einfach, das wir kein Sandsturm haben!!!!

  3. Olga

    2013/11/22 at 07:48

    Nice pics!
    When I was in Dubai, there was sandstorm too and I had to cancel my trip above the Burj Khalifa… so sad!

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