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Five Tips on How to Climb a Volcano in Bali

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Yehaaa, finally we did our trip to one of the volcanos in Bali! Actually this was our first volcano/mountain we ever climbed to the top, so we are quite proud. The Mount Batur is 1717 meters high and the way up really exhausting.


At 2 o’clock AM our driver picked us up from our villa and drove us during a 2 hours trip to the bottom of the Batur. A young guide waited for us and the long walk started. You are not allowed to climb the volcanos alone, you always have to organize a guide.

One way takes you about two hours, so you reach the top around 6AM to see the sunrise. On the way up, it’s totally dark and you definitely need a torch.

A few seconds before sunrise, the clouds disappeared and we saw a stunning sunrise, a dark Mount Agung and underneath us clouds, a lake and a village. I have never seen a scenery like this before!

After our way down, our driver picked us up at 9AM and drove us back home.
I summarized our experiences of that trip in five tips for you. Here we go!

1. Choose the volcano

It depends on how much time you have and how experienced you are in hiking. We are newbies so we decided for Mount Batur. The highest volcano on Bali is the Agung. On that trip you need to spent a night on it and it takes many hours (around 10hours) to climb up.


2. Proper clothing

We heard before that it is cold up there. It wasn’t easy to find warm and sporty clothes in our summer holiday wardrobe.
At the bottom of the volcano it’s about 18degrees and on the top only 12degrees (my guess). It was so so so cold up there! The best is to wear a lot of layers, so you can put on more clothes the higher you get.

3. The right shoes

My Nike Free Sneakers were ok but not perfect for such a tour. Take shoes that are a little bit too big, so you don’t get pain in your toes when climbing down.
And be prepared for amazingly dirty shoes after that trip!


4. Be fit!

We had a little cold during this time so we weren’t that fit and it was quite challenging. You need to be a bit sporty and healthy to make that exhausting tour.
Because of the bad way (slippery stones and sand all round) you will definitely fall at least one time on your butt, prepare for that :-) .


5. Organize your own Lunchpaket

I don’t recommend to eat anything from the stations at the top. The hygienic standards are very bad! Three from four people of our group got sick after that trip. So take enough water and some food with you.


I hope I mentioned the most important facts.
So have fun and enjoy this incredible moment when you reached the top and see the sun rising, it’s breathtaking!

Photos made with Nikon D800 and iphone 5S.

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Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.

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  1. Carlo

    2016/11/15 at 00:28

    Hye, so jetzt kläre ich euch mal auf: es ist nicht verboten den batur alleine zu besteigen. Weiss nicht wie ihr darauf kommt? Oder ob ihr das nur so sagt wie all die Guids hier um Geld zu machen….! Trotzdem danke für die Infos sieht super aus LG

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