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The perfect Bali Weekend Part II: Brunch and Party at the Sheraton

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Now let’s head to part II of the story from our perfect, last weekend in Bali!
After our check out at the Le Méridien on sunday, we drove to the Sheraton Hotel in Kuta.


Sunday Market Brunch at Feast Restaurant

As we arrived at the Sheraton Hotel, we directly joined one of the highlights of the hotel, the Sunday Market Brunch. This brunch tradition is only one year old but it became the most popular, sunday brunch in Bali.


Walking along the brunch buffet a question came to our mind: “Oh my god, what should we eat first?!? And is it possible to eat ALL of these super delicious things?!?” That huge and EXCLUSIVE variety of food and drinks is stunning!!! From fresh oysters, sushi, crêpes to a chocolate fountain you can find everything. And this was the place and time when I tried my very first oyster. But I have to confess that I had my problems with that consistence of that exclusive clam…

sheraton-bali-kuta-24 Kopie

So let’s sum it up: The brunch was more than perfect and an absolute tip for every Bali traveler and foodie! Even at the terrace you can choose from fresh seafood, like squid, clams, prawns and fish.

That culinary spectacle is called Market Brunch, because there is really the option to buy fresh food and even hand crafts.


White Magic Sunsets

After that extended meal procedure we went to the pool of the Sheraton, because we didn’t wanted to miss the White Magic Sunsets pool party. And what can I say… it was so so great! The sunset was really magical. That mood was supported by some nice tracks & beats from the DJ (who looks a bit like Jesus…) and good drinks (you have to try the Gin Tonic varieties).

sheraton-bali-kuta-43 Kopiesheraton-bali-kuta-43 Kopie

The Sheraton Hotel in Kuta

At the end of that fabulous day we felt into the comfy bed in our hotel room.


We had that super sized Ocean Front Suite. The suite is separated into a living and a sleeping area, each with a flat screen TV.
A little highlight was the espresso machine, that we had to try out.

There are two bathrooms in that suite: a small guests WC and a big bathroom next to the sleeping room, with a bath tub, shower and another WC.

That suite was AWESOME!

sheraton-bali-kuta-8 Kopie

The next day we went to breakfast at the Feast restaurant. And when the brunch is more than stunning, breakfast can’t be that bad, right? So here we are, the breakfast was really really good, of course!


Afterwards we went to the pool again to enjoy our last day in the sun. There the staff offers small snacks during the day – a nice service!

These two days at the Sheraton Kuta were great and I can really recommend this hotel with all its highlights. Especially families with kids seem to love the Sheraton Kuta, which is probably due to the new Kids Club.
But of course we, as a couple, felt very well 😉 .


In cooperation with Sheraton Kuta

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Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.


  1. Andrea

    2014/08/25 at 12:04

    Ich lese deine Posts aus SOA so gerne- hilft ein bisschen beim Fernweh..obwohl eigentlich will ich dann erst recht zurück 😀 Schade, dass wir uns nicht mehr getroffen haben aber die zeit verging so schnell und ich hatte es dann total vergessen… Liebe Grüße

  2. mari

    2014/09/12 at 09:56


    auf der Suche nach Tipps für Bali bin ich auf deinen Blog gestossen – Gold Wert 😀

    Wir fliegen im Oktober nach Bali – unsere Flitterwochen 😉

    Und wenn ich schon das erste Mal in Asien bin, muss ich mir deine Shopping Tipps durchlesen, damit ich, wieder zu Hause mich nicht ärgere, was nicht geshoppt zu haben 😀

    lg mari

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