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The Best Beaches of Bali – Part I

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Even if the beaches are not that paradise like in Malaysia, there are several beautiful spots and good places to watch the waves.

Padang Padang

One afternoon we drove to the south of Bali, to the western part of the Peninsula and visited some beaches. A classic and famous surf spot ist Padang Padang where the Rip Curl surf contests take place. But it is not good for chilling at the beach because it’s too small for the big amount of tourists hanging around there. And by the way it’s quite dirty, such a shame…


Bingin Beach

Close to it is Bingin Beach from which I already showed you some really really nice sunset pictures. This time we were there at high tide and were quite surprised by the not existing beach. The waves are catching every meter of the sandy beach so that you cannot walk around and have a look at the beautiful bay. So we had a rest at Kelly’s Warung and watched the brave surfer dudes out there.

Balangan Beach

Taking some small streets you reach Balangan Beach. This one is much bigger with lots of good and cheap Warungs. But in front of the sea are stones and a reef, so be aware when going into the water.

We filmed these three beaches and you really should have a look at our video when you want to see turquoise-blue sea and sun :)! All other beaches will be visited soon and of course you will get pictures and more videos, so stay tuned!

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Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.


  1. Sarah M.

    2014/04/27 at 10:41

    Soooo so toll!!! Ich bekomme richtig Luust, dort auch ganz ganz bald einen Urlaub zu verbringen!! :-)
    Sind die Makaken-Äffchen denn gefährlich?

  2. Julia

    2014/05/04 at 02:24

    Liebe Sarah,
    also als richtig gefährlich würde ich die Makaken nicht unbedingt bezeichnen. Wir hatten bisher noch keinen Zwischenfall mit ihnen. Man muss einfach wissen, wie man sich denen gegenüber zu verhalten hat und dann ist auch alles gut :). Ansonsten haben sie schon spitze Zähne und können Überträger von Krankheiten sein.


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