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Beautiful Sunsets in Bali – today at Bingin Beach

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Finally here is an update from us new-balinese! Regarding to our move to the villa, we have no proper internet connection for working. So I am sitting in a café to handle at least some things.
Yesterday we visited the Uluwatu temple and Bingin Beach. Bingin Beach lies close to Dreamland Beach and is really beautiful. Because of the reef, the water is clear and quite… beautiful!!!! As you maybe know, the sunsets of Bali are famous for its beauty. And so we saw a stunning one yesterday. These pics are non edited.

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  1. Stefanie

    2014/04/03 at 10:04

    Wunderschöne Bilder, es sieht so ruhig und entspannt aus.. Da freue ich mich sooooo auf unseren bevorstehenden Bali Urlaub im September!
    Liebe Grüße, Stefanie

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