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Most Beautiful Island I’ve Ever Seen – Lankayan in Borneo

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And I don’t exaggerate with that headline! We planned our Borneo trip quite spontaneously, so were very lucky to get a chalet at the Lankayan island for four days. Lankayan is a very very very small island at the east cost of Sabah, the malay part of Borneo. Lankayan is so small, that there is only one resort on it, which was highly recommended to us by a dear friend.

Borneo offers several beautiful islands for snorkeling and diving. Besides Lakayan there are quite similar islands around Sipadan, which is a world famous diving area.

During the last years and travels we have seen so many beautiful islands with paradisiacal beaches, but none fascinated us as Lankayan did.
Rawa, the Perhentian Islands or Thailands Koh Tao were amazing, but Lankayan is perfection (currently for me, but who knows what we will see next ;)).

I think these pictures tell everything, right? When we arrived their with a speed boat, we were so fascinated by these different blue and green colors of the crystal clear Sulu Sea. A turtle gave us a warm welcome and I couldn’t be happier.

You have to snorkel around the house reef because you are going to see a stunning under water world with colorful corals, sting rays, huge shells, turtles and funny fishes. We have never seen anything like this before!
Also divers will be happy with Lankayan and the dive spots around. There are three boat rides per day for divers.

The resort itself is also really nice. We were three persons and got a HUGE chalet directly at the beach. We had two balconies and two bathrooms over two floors. It was clean and modern. So when we opened our balcony doors in the morning, we had a stunning view over the beautiful sea.

When you book, ask for a chalet between the numbers 14-26, they were located best.

You get three meals per day and afternoon snacks, which was always good, tasty and even healthy. My personal highlight were perfect made tempura prawns <3. So we spent three nights/ four days on this perfect little island and took some time for chillaxing.

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Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.


  1. Lena

    2014/06/27 at 10:33

    Hallo liebe Julia,
    das hört sich ja wunderbar an.
    Mein Freund ist im Moment auch für ein halbes Jahr auf Bali und in zwei Wochen fahre ich ihn endlich besuchen.

    Ich möchte ihm gerne einen Überraschungstrip auf eine andere Insel schenken und ich glaube, dass sich diese Insel dafür sehr gut anbietet.

    Wie kommt man von Bali aus denn auf die Lankayan Insel?

    Liebste Grüße, Lena

  2. Julia

    2014/06/29 at 15:11

    Hallo liebe Lena,

    wir haben von Denpasar aus einen Direktflug nach Kota Kinabalu gebucht und sind dort in einen anderen Flieger (Air Asia) umgestiegen, nach Sandakan. In Sandakan startet das Lankayan Resort hoteleigene Boot Richtung Insel, meist gegen 9Uhr morgens. Das heisst, evtl müsstet ihr eine Übernachtung einplanen in Sandakan :/

    Liebste Grüße,

  3. Sina

    2014/07/09 at 11:36

    Kannst du wohl was zu den Preisen sagen?
    Im Internet lassen sich keine Preise finden.

  4. Julia

    2014/07/10 at 09:48

    Hallo Sina,
    für 3 Nächte/4 Tage haben wir ca. 500EUR bezahlt (inkl. Vollpension und Boottransfer und Trip sum Sepilok Orang Utan Center).


  5. Adam Billing

    2014/09/10 at 11:53

    Hello, i stumbled on your very nice blog. I am thinking about going to Lankayn in november with my girlfriend but we are getting a price of around 1400 euros and this is for only two nights (non divers package). Would you be so kind to tell me which company you booked through?

    • Julia

      2014/09/16 at 18:05

      Hi Adam,
      we booked our Lankayan trip directly with the Lankayan Resort bureau, no agency.
      I found these prices:
      1) 4D/3N LKY Non Diving Package @ RM2,144.00 x 3 paxs = RM6,432.00
      2) 4D/3N LKY Diving Package @ RM2,680.00 x 1 pax = RM2,680.00
      Yes, it is quite expansive but really really worth it!
      Best regards,

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