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Adventure and Nature in Macau

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Even in a modern city with UNESCO heritage you can find some nature and adventure.
We try to accomplish as many challenges on our journeys as possible, for example hiking a volcano in Bali, rafting or walking at night through a coral reef in Malaysia. For Macau we planned doing the Sky Walk on Macau Tower, which is a “stroll” 233 meters/764 feet high around the outer perimeter that encircles the tower. Actually there is no handrail and you are outside the tower … and the way is just below 2 meters wide. And telling you the truth: We had to face that this height is not for us.

macau tower view

Adventures on Macau Tower

Visiting the Macau Tower is a must. It is the 10th highest tower in the world and offers some activities. After a rapid elevator ride you enter the 360 degrees observation deck.

macau tower observation deck

At some areas glass panels were used as the floor which allows you to take a look directly to the bottom. To be honest, we didn’t really need this and it was creepy walking across these glass panels. It was quite entertaining though to see the adults avoiding to walk across the panels while the kids tested the panels durability.

Looking down to the bottom of the tower quickly reminded us that taking the Sky Walk is maybe not the best idea.

macau tower bungee jumping

Nevertheless we went a few floors further up to discover the adventure floor. The adventure floor allows you to do the worldwide highest bungee jump, a sky jump and climbing up to the very top of the tower. To our surprise there were dozens of people doing the bungee jump.

macau panda pavillon

The Giant Panda Pavillion

A special highlight was seeing a real panda bear for the first time in our lives. These cute animals with their trendy black and white look rank high in my personal list of favorite animals. There are two pandas living in Macau, called Xin Xin and Kai Kai. We just saw Xin Xin who did what he mostly does, sleeping, and mixing in some sleeping position changes.

macau panda xin xin

Both pandas live in a huge pavilion and a huge outdoor area. The terrain seems to be imitating the wild nature as good as possible. Who always wanted to see pandas should not miss this sight.

macau park

Chinese Gardens and Parks

Around the woody hill of Guia, but also around Taipa and Colane you can find many possibilities to stay fit. Especially the Guia hill is very famous for locals. We saw hundreds of people running, stretching and working out in one of the parcours you find every 100 meter.

My favorite chinese garden is the Lou Lim Leoc Garden. Furthermore I can really recommend the romantic Camoes Garden or the Sun Hat Sen Park with a bamboo garden. But please don’t wonder if you find people walking their birds in cages…

macau garten

Further Activities

The active tourist can also try wind surfing, jet ski or canoeing at the beaches of Coloane in the south. After a stressful day, take the cable car from Flora Garden up the Guia Hill to enjoy the sunset.

In cooperation with Macau tourist office.

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Frollein Julia is a young lady from Hamburg, Germany. Her profession is being a teacher, but despite this she is a travel-addict.

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